• Space Invaders and Do Overs

    “I used to have perfect credit,” is something a lot of people looking at filing bankruptcy say when trying to make sense of a now chaotic financial mess. Many people visit the office with bewildered disbelief at their financial situation.

    If you find yourself in this mess, contacting Burke Smith Law is the best option.

    Space Invaders and Do Overs
  • Bankruptcy is NOT the Only Option!

    Filing for bankruptcy may stop the harassing or abusive messages left by debt collectors. However, you may be able to fix or resolve your financial issues without filing for bankruptcy.

    To discuss your options contact an Omaha Bankruptcy Attorney today at (402) 718-8865. The call is free, and we’ll answer your questions.

    Bankruptcy is NOT the Only Option!
  • Debt? We Can Help!

    If you are facing garnishments, repossessions, foreclosure or bill collector’s telephone calls, then you know what being under the “financial-gun” is like.

    By working with an experienced Omaha Bankruptcy Attorney you can stop the aggravation, stress and find peace of mind.

    Debt? We Can Help!
  • Household Size

    “How many people are in your household,” is one of the first questions you will be asked when speaking with an attorney about filing bankruptcy. Household Size is an important issue in a bankruptcy. It could determine whether you are eligible to file Chapter 7 or it could determine the monthly payments of your Chapter 13… [Read More....]

    Household Size
My name is Burke Smith and I am a bankruptcy and consumer law attorney representing people in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding area. With over 19 years of experience as an attorney representing people from all walks of life, the greatest satisfaction I have received has come from helping people get through the rough financial stretches that they face. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Debt Settlement Resources


Costly debt settlement schemes prey on the most debt-burdened consumers struggling to recover from economic downturn. Learn how this could impact you and your family.

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Foreclosure Information

Burke Smith Foreclosure

States recently received $2.5 billion from the major banks for foreclosure prevention and related help for homeowners. Find out how this affects Omaha homeowners.

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Tax Debt Basics

Burke Smith Past-Due

While you must list a tax debt in your bankruptcy, it is possible that the debt will not be discharged. Discover how
you may be able to discharge past due income taxes.

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